Terms of payment by credit card

1. The organizer of the competition Moldova Freediving 2015 is a public organization, the sport club «SPORTER» (www.sporter.md).

2. I have read, I have taken into account and understood the Regulation of Moldova Freediving 2015 and I agree to the terms of participation set out in it. Rules of the competition are posted on website – http://freediving.md/en/info-and-rules/.

3. I announce that I’m informed about the risks associated with participation in this competition, held under special conditions: swimming pool. I agree with these special conditions and, in the event of an accident during the competition, I take full responsibility for the corresponding incident and will not submit to the organizers a claim for compensation of any damage .

4. I am well aware that participation in the competition implies the existence of a level of training and necessary equipment. Hereby, I pledge to provide myself with all equipment and supplies necessary for such an event, and I guarantee to organizers to wear them, both during the competition and during training. In addition, I pledge to listen to the advice of the organizers throughout the event, subject to their decisions of a general nature. However, I specify that I will not involve organizers to be liable for my failure to comply with regulations for the disqualification of the competition. Therefore, I release the organizers, as well as any other person related to them (sponsors, partners, employees, authorities, officials, volunteers and so on.) from any whatsoever liability in connection with any claim of any nature, that may arise from me or my heirs, for possible accidents, illness, death or any other medical problems that may arise in the course of the competition in which I participate.

5. Under my own responsibility I declare that: – the above details are accurate; – I have legal competence (a) to participate in the competition from the medical point of view; – I have the appropriate physical, mental and technical preparation for participation in the competition; – I have the health insurance for accident; – I am aware of the legal consequences of participation in the competition and I take full responsibility in the event of an accident; – I possess the necessary equipment for such events.

6. I declare that to my attention have been brought rights granted to me by the Law № 133/2011 (http://lex.justice.md/md/340495) on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free flow of data, respectively , the right of information and access to this data, the right of intervention in the personal data, the right of objection to the collection and processing of personal data, the right not to be subject to individual decisions, the right to go to court, and the fact that the right of access to data, intervention and objection may be exercised by submitting a written, dated and signed of the application in JSC Sports Club «SPORTER», indicating the information prescribed by law. For each statement, drawn up on the basis of the Law № 133/2011, should be accompanied by a legible copy of my identity card.

7. The organizer shall ensure the confidentiality of processed data of a personal nature, and the access to treated strictly confidential information will be limited to persons who by the nature of its business should be familiar with such information in order to perform the tasks arising from the existing legal relationship with them. Such persons must respect the confidential nature of such information, undertaking, in their turn, to provide and maintain the confidentiality of this data and information, and process them in accordance with the requirements of the law.

            1. 8. Payment services on the organizer’s website www.freediving.md can be accomplished by means of bank cards VISA and MASTERCARD. You can cancel the transaction within three (3) days after the payment and the refund be made within ten (10) days. Support service phone +373 22 888 000