Moldova Freediving 2013. The first championship. Photo report

news8On the first day of winter was held the first Moldovan Freediving Championship Breath of air, or how much or how much could you stay under water? organized by the sportive social network, Federation of Underwater Activities of Moldova and Niagara fitness club. Competitions were held in two disciplines: static and dynamic apnea.




Dynamic Apnea – discipline of underwater sports, aimed at overcoming distances in apnea.

news4Static apnea – discipline of underwater sports, aimed at maximum breath-holding time.

Absolute champion was Dmitrii Volosin, who won the first place in both disciplines: 5 minutes 29 seconds in statics and 110.5 meters in dynamics.

news5Among women in the static the best result showed Anna Daschevici – 1 minute 11 seconds, and Tatiana Ursu – 40 meters in the dynamics.

news6Three leaders in the static apnea:

1. Volosin Dmitrii– 5 minutes 29 sec.

2. Boldetchii Vadim – 4 minutes 34 sec.

3. Jurov Vadim – 4 minutes 03 sec.

news7Three leaders in the dynamic apnea

1. Volosin Dmitrii – 110.5 meters

2. Jurov Vadim – 100 meters

3. Miachinin Igor – 89 meters

Winners received gifts from X-Style and Invito stores, as well as from Federation of Underwater Activities of Moldova.

news8All results:


Photo report:

Photo report: