Freediving Championship of Moldova in 2014 (All results + photos)

news1Freediving in Moldova is gaining popularity. This year was the second national championship in this mysterious sport. Competitions were held within the Sporter Weekend and were called “Breath of air”. This time they were included in the official calendar of events of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

news2On a December Sunday, about 40 athletes gathered at the pool of Niagara fitness club, to challenge themselves. Among them were the last year’s champion Dmitrii Voloshin, and the representative of Belarus – Alexander Borisevici, who arrived in Chisinau especially for the competition, and even the two women of retirement ageLudmila Protasova and Liubovi Metlova, who took part in the championship the last year.

news3This time the competitions took place in three disciplines: static apnea”, “dynamic without fins” and “dynamics in fins”. Depending on the results the athletes accumulated points (1 point for every 6 seconds of static, and 0.5 points for each 1 meter distance in the dynamics). The winner is the diver who has the most points at the end of performances in all three disciplines.

news4A panel of judges decided that the order of participants’ performance will determine the declared time on discipline “static apnea”. Thus, the strongest athletes were competing in the end.

news5This year Dmitrii Volosin, who set on the last championship record of Moldova, holding out under water 5 minutes 29 seconds, had some very serious competitors.

news6The result in statics of four athletes – Roman Zaitev, Alexandr Turcan, Alexandr Borisevici and Vadim Jurov – exceeded 4 minutes. Rinat Bictaghirov and Vadim Boldetchii held out under the water without air for more than 5 minutes. Alexandr Popov beat last year’s record of Volosin, holding his breath for 5 minutes 32 seconds.news7

It has become a serious challenge for Dmitrii, and he did not give up. Result – 5 minutes 50 seconds without air, and a new national record!

In break between statics and dynamics were held exhibition performances of divers: participants had to find under the water and wear outfit and sunglasses, swim pool and return to the start. The winner was Nicolai Evjenco.

Competitions in dynamics without fins were dramatic. Jurov Vadim was able to swim 100 meters and Dmitrii Volosin overcame not easily 102 meters. He was close to the blackout, but he was able to show a suspended gesture “OKand remove glasses in the allotted time; the result was counted by panel of judges. The rest of the athletes overcame less than 100 meters.

The best athlete in the dynamics in the fins was Vadim Jurov – 112 meters, and it was also a national record. Dmitrii Volosin swam 100 meters, and Alexei Terzi – 92 meters.

Winners among men:

1 place – Volosin Dmitrii – 159 points

2 place – Jurov Vadim – 147 points

3 place – Popov Alexandr – 131 points

Belarusian freediver Alexandr Borisevici was on the fourth place – 114 points.

Among the women won Anna Grib: 1 minute 18 seconds in statics, 15 meters – in dynamics without fins and 25 metersIn the dynamics in fins.

The winners:

1 place – Grib Anna – 33 points

2 place – Protasova Ludmila – 9 points

3 place – Metlova Liubovi – 6 points

All winners received gifts from partners of the competition: Oriflame, Ettery, Sodasan and Medpark clinic.

See the results below.

Freediving Moldova Championship 2014 – Final Result

Photo report:

Photo report: