Chisinau Criterium

Chisinau Criterium is a large-scale cycling event held within the framework of Sporter Weekend, which invites participants to race through the central streets of Chisinau. The first competition was held in September 2014 with the support of the Cycling Federation of Moldova. Since 2015, this race is included in the official sporting events calendar of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Moldova.

Chisinau Criterium is a competition that is held among licensed professional cyclists on road bikes as well as amateur riders and veterans on road and mountain bikes. The distance is 36 km for professionals,17 km for amateur cyclists and 12 km for veterans.

In 2014, the Chisinau Criterium cycling race went through the streets of Stefan cel Mare – Vlaicu Pircalab – August 31 – Sfatul Ţării. The start and finish line was on the Great National Assembly Square. The distance of one lap was 2.4 km.

The competition among professional cyclists is held according to the rules of the Criterium Race. The winner of the race is the rider with the most points at the end of the race.

Points are assigned on every even intermediate lap and at the finish line as follows: 1st place- 5 points, 2nd place- 3 points, 3rd place- 2 points, 4th place- 1 point. Race times are recorded by a professional timing system.

In other categories the competition is held according to the rules of a regular circuit race. The winner of the race is the first rider to cross the finish line.

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